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WWTC Classic 18m Throwbag

WWTC Classic 18m Throwbag

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This modern waist belt throw bag has a strong floating rope appropriate for swimmer rescue and equipment retrieval. 

Rope Diameter: 7.8mm (5/16 inch) 
Rope Length:  18 meter (59 feet)
Rope Tensile Strength: 14 kN (3000 lb)

The rope has a polypropylene core with a polypropylene/polyester sheath. Its bag has a padded carabiner sheath and wide opening for easy repacking. A velcro closure strap allows for quick access to the rope.

Professional rescuers will enjoy the glow stick holder and the reflective tape on the throw bag.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Pricey, but highest quality

Strong, supple rope and an awesome bag design.

Great tosses. Easy stuffs. Exceptional performance!

Just used this for a Swiftwater Rescue class and this throw bag and rope really shined. It is also very easy to re-stuff if you are using it over and over again throughout the day. Rope floats great and is easy to hold on to when being rescued as well. Highly recommend!

El barto

Haven't used it on the water but throws nice in the driveway.