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Outfitter Wing Tarp

Outfitter Wing Tarp

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Color: Green
Length Across Diagonal: 24'

Outfitter wing tarps are 24' across and have a traditional wing shape that does well in windy and rainy conditions if tied down correctly. The corners have metal rings intended to slip over oar handles so your oars can be used as the poles.

They are designed with a nylon material that is a compromised between waterproofness, durability, and weight. They are not perfectly waterproof and they are not perfectly durable but for their weight and size they are awesome. If you want something 100% durable you're going to need something much bigger and much heavier.

These tarps are designed to cover a camp kitchen and/or a medium sized group in a rainstorm. They also make great shade traps.

Note: We do not seam seal these tarps to save costs. For maximum protection in the rain you'll need to seal all the seams.

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