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Makita Blower Adaptor for Leafield C7 and D7 Valves

Makita Blower Adaptor for Leafield C7 and D7 Valves

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These durable adaptors fit both the newer Makita XBU05Z Cordless Blower and the older Makita DUB182Z Cordless Blower. They allow for a more seamless connection between your blower and Leafield C7 and D7 valves.

Here are some reasons you'll love this adaptor:

  • Fits in both intake and outtake allowing it to be used for inflating and deflating
  • Automatically pushes the valve open making it easier to inflate and deflate
  • Skips the rubber hose and fits on the end of the tool

The Makita XBU05Z Cordless Blower that works best with this adaptor can be purchased on Amazon.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Will Faust

Works as advertised. Will be super handy come put in time.

William Vandiver


Scott H

Very happy. Fits tight on the blower and snug in my C7s. Had to try it out on an ik when I received it and it just made me giggle how fast it filled. Can’t wait to fill the 16 footer.

robert Grovenburg
Best money i have spent no regrets excelent product.

Love mine. Well built, inflates my raft and paddle board. love that the valve closes as soon as the Makita pulls out. It fits my Makita blower better than the attachment from Makita that came with the blower. For deflation light years better. The rubber blower tube that came with the Makita pops out in the same process. So you have to stop and reatach the tube to the blower. Honestly for me as i use my inflatables a lot. I would have paid double.

Roarke Hartman
Works better with Makita XBU05Z

It works with the Makita DUB182Z, but the tabs were designed to seat in both the intake and exhaust ports of the Makita XBU05Z. You can find them on Amazon or Home Depot for about the same price as the DUB182Z but the adapter works way better with it. But anyway, the adapter is burly and really well designed. Holds the valve open when you’re inflating/deflating so you can get a super tight roll if need be, but it’s mostly just nice to not have to mess with a car battery or 12v outlet.