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Convertible Oar Right

Convertible Oar Right

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Tom Grant's Convertible Oar rights are great for beginners, experts, and all in between. This design has a hinged shaft that provides the rower the option of a classic oar right or a full feather oar stop, all by simply opening and closing the hinged shaft. It’s strength and versatility will let every rower adjust to what they want from the oar right.

  • Close for the full power of the oar right
  • Open to make an oar stop for full feathering

The oar right is to help give stability to the oars when on an anchor line in currents, offering relief to the hands as the day goes on and the extra power of leverage to cut the water with each stroke.

Notes on Installing Convertible Oar Rights

It is recommended to remove the original oar stop. If the original oar stop is built into the sleeve, it may be necessary to cut the sleeve. Cutting a flat spot on the sleeve opposite from the bolt will make the hinged shaft lie flat. The new oar right will squeeze the sleeve holding it in place. 

On rope wrapped oars, remove the old stops or oar rights, then install the convertible oar right over the wrapped rope.

Sizing Guide

The convertible Oar Right will fit oars in 2″ to 2-1/4″ diameter with sleeve or rope wrap. (most whitewater oars)

Note: you will need one convertible oar right per oar.


It is recommended to close the hinged shaft on the oar right when traveling to avoid damage.

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