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Better Mounts

Better Mounts Frame Brackets 1.25"

Better Mounts Frame Brackets 1.25"

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These frame brackets from Better Mounts are manufactured with 7075 T6 Aluminum making them lighter and stronger than other similar frame mounts. They are designed to work with 1.25" frame tubing.

Installation Instructions

Tools: Drill with a 5/16 or 8mm drill bit, a measuring tape or ruler, sharpie or pencil, and a 1/2” wrench. Center cutting drill bits are easier to use. A 1/8” pilot drill can also be helpful.

Step 1: Mark the tube 1/2 in from the end on each end that you want to install a bracket

Step 2: Place your side tubes on a flat surface with any existing cross tubes installed towards the front and the back

Step 3: Put the brackets on the end(s) of the new tube and assemble the new tube between the two side tubes and tighten the U-bolts. Verify the assembly is square, flat, and parallel. Adjust as necessary

Step 4: Drill a 5/16” or 8mm hole through the tube and the bracket, using the line 1/2” in from the end for placement. If you prefer, you can mark the halfway point up on the tube to assist in lining up the drill.

Step 5: Bolt the first side together with the included 5/16” bolt, and tighten. Only after the first side is bolted should the other end be drilled.

Step 6: Go Rafting!

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