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Sawyer Black Mamba Oar Lock (Single)

Sawyer Black Mamba Oar Lock (Single)

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Sawyer calls these the "Canyon" but they deserve a way cooler name so we call them the "Black Mamba."

These oar locks were designed by legendary Grand Canyon boatman and owner of Professional River Outfitters Bruce Helin. They are ideal for whitewater rowers due to their strength, usability, and new blunt tip.

According to Bruce, advantages of the Black Mambas are:

  • Less crabbing/binding of oar in lock allowing the oar to be feathered through a greater range of motion making it easier to row standing up
  • Consistent contact of oar stop to oar lock throughout range of motion
  • Eliminates interference/grinding of oar stop on oarlock holder
  • Reduced friction between oar and oarlock in all positions
  • No raised logo on bearing surface

The new horn design:

  • Allows the oarlock to flex more if an oar is popped so it will return more closely to its original shape
  • Has a new tip design that is more blunt for safety, reducing the chance of a penetrating wound
  • Makes it less likely the oar gets stuck in the lock
  • Is less likely to damage the shaft and wrap when popped
  • Has a new tulip shape that aids in returning the oar to the oarlock
  • Has horns that can be adjusted/tuned to accommodate varying oar shaft diameters

As a starting point, the oarlocks are adjusted or “tuned” so the gap between the horns is 1 ¾”. A good rule of thumb is the gap should be ½” less than the diameter of the oar and sleeve at the base of the stopper; therefore, they come set up for 2 ¼” diameter oars. That gap can be narrowed or widened to fit your oars (yes, you can pound on them with a rock). The shaft is turned to ⅝” diameter to work with most frames. A ¼” hole is drilled through the shaft 3 ¼” down allowing for the most common 3” long bearing or sleeve. You will always want at least one washer between the oarlock and its mount.

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